How to Build Your Green House


DIY Downloadable Plan Sets, Construction Notes and Template  We provide you with a downloadable full set of blueprints, which include, Floor plan, end and side elevations, six foundation plans, exteriors finish and fastener schedules, Construction notes, which include, Setting up your work space, Foundation layout, leveling and squaring, Material prep with cut list, Arch jig construction, Arch layup and fastening, Ground anchor and sill installation, Standing the arches, Installing purlins, and exterior finish.

Set also includes a downloadable arch jig template is a full size template that you transfer to plywood so all your arches and blocking are correctly shaped and spaced. The Plan Set and Arch Jig Template files must be printed at a blueprint shop on 30″ x 42″ paper.

16’x28′ Plan Set Package with Construction Notes……………………. Purchase

20’x36′ Plan Set Package with Construction Notes……………………. Purchase

24’x40′ Plan Set Package with Construction Notes……………………. Purchase

The plans and construction notes for three sizes are available for download at the link provided above.  Each plan set contains floor plan, side and end elevations, arch details, six foundation plans, exterior finish detail and fastener schedule.

This greenhouse structure was engineered for the South Florida, 160 mph wind code. It may also be covered in metal siding or plywood and shingles for use as a  workshop, studio space or garage structure and can be made as long as you like simply by adding additional arches.

If you need assistance building your arches, contact us @